Update 1.04 is out now!

Update 1.04 is out now! Here is the fixes and features list:

'Secret area' teleport gravestone
Hit interrupt partial soft lock (you can run around but nothing else)
'Loading screen door interrupt' soft lock
Interact while charging weapon soft lock
Hit while lighting lantern soft lock
Various places to get stuck


BBPSX_1.04.zip 142 MB
Feb 04, 2022

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Hello, I have a problem in version 1.05

In hunter's dream every time I leave the building where I can upgrade my weapons, the screen turns black and I can't see anything until I go back into the house... help

Добавьте меч-молот в игру, я так надеялся его увидеть, жаль что на данный момент его нет.

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I'm currently stuck in a deathloop when loading my save. I'm falling through the map into a white abyss for some reason, everything was fine when I saved at the lamp post. EDIT: 1.04 update fixed it.


Am I the only one who has this bug? Every time I Interact with Doll or more like I Giving my echoes to her, When I press the Down arrow key on leveling up menu. My character shoots hence wasting a round of silver ammo and when I press the up Arrow button my character attacks. 

Happened to me to when using keyboard, switching to controller I don't have this issue

I think everybody who uses the keyboard has it. Current workaround is to remove your secondary weapon and you can interact fine, even if your character is flailing all over attacking the darkness.


Any chance of analog sticks being added, or fully remappable controls? I'm kinda curious why the controls weren't just made the same as the original what with the PS1 being the first playstation to have analog controls. This is great by the way, i never actually got to play Bloodborne, and as gutted as i am it isnt the fullgame, its still great nonetheless. really great job. Demakes are awesome.

I'm having a problem, Tonytrus hitbox is just not connecting on enemies, even with full condition it just goes through enemies most of the time (sometimes it randomly works)

Hello. What about "Cheats"? Have u got it?


hola estube teniendo problmas para poder un joystick generico en mi pc, queria saber si es solo problema mio o no esta implementado en el juego 

Mejor escribilo en inglés. Yo uso un joystick de XBOX 360 y no tengo dramas!

Una forma de solucionarlo rápido es abrir el juego desde STEAM y ya te configura automáticamente el control.


If possible, publish a version for linux users :)

If you have steam installed add the exe as as non-steam game 

(on top left click games and it'll be at the bottom of the drop down) 

then in your steam libary right click on the newly added "game" the default name is BBPSX.exe and go to properties then under compatibility check force as for which version currently I have 6.3-8 but feel free to try the newest or different versions till it works


Okay, thanks!


1.03 to 1.04 存档位置发生变化

savedata location changed

user /appdate/local/bbpsx-------->users/itch/appdate/local/bbpsx

This did not happen for me. My saves are still in [user]/appdata/local/bbpsx. This might only be the case if you're using the itch launcher (I am not).

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I got stuck on the messenger fountain item shop inside the hunter's dream, then i quit the game and it didn't save? Is the game operating on manual saving? I honestly would like to know. Also, is there a camera sensibility option? I really need that.

Deleted post

Does it detect the application as unsafe for anyone else?


Yeah that's just since there is no officially recognized publisher developer or other software company that has signed certificates or whatever with microsoft. As long as you downloaded it from itch it should be fine and dandy.

It auto deletes the file lol

You can mess with your computer's security settings to allow you to play the game, don't worry, no matter what grandma tells you BloodbornePSX isn't a virus.

Oh no im 100% is is not lol. I'm just saying this has not happened with any of the other versions

How do I update wothput loosing progres? Thanks for all your work!

Your saves are in a different location, so they will be safe. Update with peace of mind!