Bloodborne PSX legacy versions now available to download!

Happy to announce that the older versions of the game are now available to download, including a never before released "0.01 prototype" which is the only surviving build of the prototype I made in 2017!

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Mar 23, 2022

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I can't explain how cool you are, Lilith. I like to archive old versions of indie games, just for my personal collection. Few devs keep their old stuff online so it sucks sometimes when future versions errata/retcon/update stuff out and what not. Every step of the way, from the old trailers and images to now, you've been one of the coolest developers I've ever watched grow.

I can't wait to see what else you make. <3

im having an issue controlling character with a ps4 controller . dpad can spin the camera but hitting up or down does attacks , same with the L3 joystick. i CANNOT get my guy to move what so ever unless im on keyboard. Ideas to fix? 


You should do this to elden ring, skyrim or another souls game. The system that you made is so good and it is a great mix of old and new. The game feels so similar to the original yet a little different. I went around expecting enemies and when i didn't find them im like wait am I lost and then I see something familiar and im let oh yes, I am on the right path.

nice very nice gaming

PSX style of graphics it is already exciting thing! Bloodborne to PSX, some horror creepy monsters action games! Sounds exciting!

Obra maestra.. Las horas de diversion que hubiese dado un juego asi en PSX... Muy top Lilith Wather


very nice